The Benefits of Real-Time Data

By Paul Smullen on November 08, 2017

Real-time reporting allows organisations to understand the impact of their actions by accessing data that is timely and will be displayed in a way that allows for actionable steps based on the data that is reported. 92% of businesses across the likes of retail, tech, banking, healthcare and life sciences, are investing in real-time analytics technology, tapping into what is being dubbed as ‘fast data’. Real-time technology that is based on Business Intelligence and analytical information tends to allow for better actionable data which in turn can help improve overall customer care and experience and strategic business decisions.

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How Business Intelligence can help you understand your business

By Paul Smullen on November 01, 2017


It can be hard to spot new trends and developments and then assess the impact these may have on your business. This has led to many companies embracing new ways to collect, monitor, store and utilise the data that is available to them in their business. Every single part of your business can generate useful data, stock ordering, sales, leads, margins, waste, logistics, staff and many more.

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The Essentials: Data Driven Decision Marketing

By Paul Smullen on October 31, 2017

Marketing can be a complex area. It can be overwhelming deciding who to target and where to target them as well as allocating a budget. This is especially true when you don't even know if your chosen marketing strategy is actually effective or worth the budget spend.

Untargeted may be cheaper than targeted marketing, and it may bring you an upswing in new customers. Nevertheless, you then must identify how much that is a coincidence, other factors or the campaign. This can be timely and a waste of resources, although targeted marketing may cost more, it is effective, trackable and the individuals targeted share similar needs and characteristics to your current customers allowing you to have data-driven decision making. Meaning they are more likely to purchase your product.

Data-driven marketing strategies are formed from insights gained from analysing data either from the activities of your own business or wider market data to identify trends, patterns and details. From the data, you can create a baseline of information which allows you to establish actionable campaigns for your business. Essentially you are taking the information which is available and using it to create focused campaigns to reduce your spend and improve your ROI.

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Free Whitepaper: How to prepare your company for the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

By Paul Smullen on August 03, 2017


A FREE WHITEPAPER on everything you need to know to prepare your company for the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the previous Data Protection Directive and is the most significant change to data protection legislation since 1995.

The main goals of GDPR are to protect people’s personal information, to increase the accountability and responsibilities of organisations which process personal data, and to simplify the regulatory environment for businesses. 

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Why transition from Excel to Power BI?

By Paul Smullen on August 02, 2017

We’re all familiar with Excel as a dependable means of managing and storing data – it’s easy to use and large amounts of data can be organised into neat spreadsheets and charts. You can format data, create graphical or visual representations, undertake numerical calculations, adjust layouts and generate reports to share with others. Excel lends itself to being integrated with other business applications.

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How Data Analytics Can Grow Your Gaming Business (FREE WHITEPAPER)

By Paul Smullen on July 31, 2017


A free whitepaper on how data is changing the gaming industry and how to really capitalise on it

Growing a gaming business has become far more challenging in recent years, as the rise of online gambling has made the industry far more competitive. This whitepaper helps to explain how to utilise your data to enhance revenues for profitable growth. 

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