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By Paul Smullen on January 26, 2017

We are very proud to launch our YouTube Business Intelligence Video channel.

This will be our channel for all future product offerings to the market.

Check out our Business Intelligence Video and how our platform is applied to Advertising Campaign Optimization, Know Your Customer & AML Compliance and Affiliate Management.

You can also subscribe to our channel for future updates.

Business Intelligence Video Channel dDaaS Video Channel

dDaaS is a Business Intelligence provider based in London with clients around the world. We specialise in extracting and merging data from multiple systems to provide a business wide view.

Our Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering solution integrates with your internal systems. We also offer a fully managed service to operate your compliance function.

Our Affiliate Management solution is a full self service platform for affiliates to register, check balance and request payments. A full suite of reports and business intelligence for all of the Affiliate data is provided for management.

Our proven platform measures the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on any media.

Check out our video channel here today.

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Written by Paul Smullen

Ddaas help business grow using their own data.

We help companies from all sectors improve their return on their marketing investment, by showing them where their money is best spent, how to better segment their audience and decide who they should target with their promotional efforts.


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