Passing the 'So What?' test.

By Paul Smullen on July 02, 2018

An associate of mine recently asked me how we pass the 'So What?' test.  With all the hype and buzzwords out there around data and AI, we really try to keep it simple.  This short video helps answer the question....

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How to approach your Business Intelligence project

By Paul Smullen on May 04, 2018


How to approach your Business Intelligence project

If you are reading this then you most likely have some interest in creating or improving your business intelligence solution for your business - or your client's business. We are somewhat biased as a company in believing that any business with even moderate levels of data is missing out on a competitive edge by not employing some level of business intelligence technology. The internet is awash with all the reasons why this is true. This article is to set the scene for the fundamental thought processes on selecting and securing the data that should be brought into a business intelligence solution.

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A GDPR seminar about a real world case

By Paul Smullen on March 07, 2018

Your chance to speak with the experts

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People want to know - and they are going to ask!

By Paul Smullen on February 22, 2018


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Complete Our GDPR Readiness Checklist

By Paul Smullen on February 01, 2018


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the previous Data Protection Directive and is the most significant change to data protection legislation since 1995.

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Measuring Advertising Effectiveness

By Paul Smullen on December 05, 2017

How effective is our advertising? A question asked in board rooms the world over and yet very often no one has a complete answer. This is hardly surprising since any given business or advertising campaign can be quite complex. Marketing across multiple channels, regions and markets can make it very difficult to determine what is working effectively.

At the end of any advertising campaign you need to know what your ROI (return on investment) is. How else can you determine if the campaign was worthwhile or if you should consider running a similar one again in the future?

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Why you Should Consider Outsourcing your Business Intelligence Program

By Paul Smullen on November 29, 2017

Everyone is talking about business intelligence (BI). It's a hot topic regardless of your industry and so it should be. Having an effective business intelligence platform can be a valuable asset to your organisation and help you leverage your own data to improve your bottom line. Sounds great right!

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How to Better Showcase Profit and Growth to Stakeholders of Your Gaming Company

By Paul Smullen on November 21, 2017

Showcasing profit and growth can be a challenge for a gaming company. Merging various sets of information and trying to showcase it in a way stakeholders can understand can be time consuming, expensive and stressful.

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The Benefits of Real-Time Data

By Paul Smullen on November 08, 2017

Real-time reporting allows organisations to understand the impact of their actions by accessing data that is timely and will be displayed in a way that allows for actionable steps based on the data that is reported. 92% of businesses across the likes of retail, tech, banking, healthcare and life sciences, are investing in real-time analytics technology, tapping into what is being dubbed as ‘fast data’. Real-time technology that is based on Business Intelligence and analytical information tends to allow for better actionable data which in turn can help improve overall customer care and experience and strategic business decisions.

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How Business Intelligence can help you understand your business

By Paul Smullen on November 01, 2017


It can be hard to spot new trends and developments and then assess the impact these may have on your business. This has led to many companies embracing new ways to collect, monitor, store and utilise the data that is available to them in their business. Every single part of your business can generate useful data, stock ordering, sales, leads, margins, waste, logistics, staff and many more.

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